Fenjiu Silk Road Overseas Limited Edition 55% 750ml 丝绸之路 汾酒 海外限量版


Fenjiu Silk Road Overseas Limited Edition 55% 丝绸之路 750ml

With Shanxi traditional business elements as the theme of the design, there are blue and white, sea waves, auspicious clouds, sailing boats, sorghum and other traditional Chinese elements on the bottle body, and is plated with real gold.

Very collectable. Because this product uses exclusive scarce green raw grains, the wine body used is also very scarce. It is selected as the original wine of 1.9% of the best wine quality in the annual output. The production process and blending process are very complicated. The wine is very pure and far exceeds international food safety standards. Because the output is too scarce, it is only sold in limited quantities for overseas markets.

ABV: 55%

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