Four Pillars Christmas Gin Special Release 700ml


Four Pillars Christmas Gin 2022 Special Release 700ml 

This gin is Cam’s tribute to four things he loves: Australia, Christmas, gin and his late mum, Wilma. This year's artwork is by the incredibly talented painter Jane Raynolds. Jane's art is all about the relationship between colour, form and light. Jane was challenged to come up with one of her signature hyper-real compositions that would celebrate the colour and iconography of Christmas. Her response was this stunning abstract Christmas scene, with the presents arranged around the tree. This is one of four artworks Jane has created for our 2022 family of Christmas treats.

To make this special annual release Cam distils Christmas puddings, then ages this gin for a year in 100-year-old Muscat barrels. The gin has aromatics of classic juniper and a hint of cinnamon backed up by a rich palate and a hint of sweetness from the Muscat. Sip it neat, mix it with ginger ale or beer, or try it in some great cocktails. 

Alc: 43.8%

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