Gekkeikan Horin Junmai Daiginjo 720ml - 月桂冠 麒麟 纯米大吟酿


Gekkeikan Horin Junmai Daiginjo Sake 720ml

Gekkeikan’s long-standing flagship premium brand, Horin is crafted with utmost care and precision. Two sake rice varieties, Yamada Nishiki — also known as the “king” of sake rice varieties — and Gohyakumangoku, are expertly blended during the brewing process to create this luxurious Junmai Daiginjo sake with a beautiful fruity nose. Its subtle flavors are well-balanced, and it is exceptionally smooth with a long, clean finish. Best served in a wine glass to appreciate the green apple, melon, and pear aromas.

Alc: 16.7%

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