Ginraw Small Batch Gastronomic Gin 700ml


Ginraw Small Batch Gastronomic Gin 700ml 

Ginraw is a small-batch gastronomic gin with an exceptional taste and an explosion of aromas. It comes from the heart of Barcelona, Spain and reflects the high local gastronomic culture and perfectionism. Gin was created at the level of high culinary standards by four talented experts: chef Xano Saguer, sommelier Sergi Figueras, mixologist Javier Caballero and perfumer Rosendo Mateu. The result of gradual testing of hundreds of recipes is a detailed gin of exceptional quality, which is due to the slow distillation of the purest ingredients at low temperatures and the most impressive avant-garde culinary practices.

Ginraw Gin is a must-try for any gin lover looking to experience something truly unique. 

ABV: 42.3%

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