GlenAllachie 12YO French Virgin Oak 700ml


GlenAllachie 12YO French Virgin Oak 700ml

This rich bronze malt obtains its silky tannins, sweet spice and fruit notes from hogsheads made of French Oak (Quercus Robur) sourced from the Haute-Garonne region close to the Pyrenees. The fine-grained, consistent wood is air dried for 15 months before hosting the GlenAllachie spirit. The result is a delectable, subtle and earthy Single Malt.

NOSE: Waves of honey, toffee, mocha, orange zest and nutmeg.

TASTE: Heather honey, toffee and butterscotch, with layers of mocha, cinnamon, grapefruit and a hint of earthy tannins.

Alc: 48%

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