Glenfarclas Gift Pack 15YO, 21YO, 25YO 3x 200ML

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Glenfarclas Gift Pack 15YO, 21YO, 25YO  3 x 200ML

A gift set comprising of some of the finest Speyside whiskies on the market! This selection contains three 20cl miniature bottlings of Glenfarclas: the 15 year old, the 21 year old and the 25 year old.

The 15 year old marks a fine balance between Glenfarclas’s youthful and fruity Speyside spirit, and the dense complexity of the sherry cask, with notes of sweet malt, toffee, Christmas cake and apples. This whisky is bottled at 46% ABV.

The 21 year old is a more dignified and sophisticated whisky, with waves of delicate sherried fruits accompanied by vanilla, toffee, milk chocolate and caramelized apples.

Finally, the 25 year old represents one of the finest bottlings in the Glenfarclas standard range. Packed with the classic ‘farclas Christmas cake character, this is a heavily sherried and nutty whisky, with powerful fruit and spice flavours.

A terrific gift set, which offers a taste of Glenfarclas’s higher-end releases.

ABV: 44%

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