Glenfiddich Select Cask 1L - Twin Pack


Glenfiddich Select Cask 1L - Twin Pack

This is a twin pack of the ‘Select Cask’ single malt whisky from Glenfiddich. Under the supervision of malt master, Brian Kinsman, it’s made using casks married using a solera vat process, which yields a whisky of unparalleled smoothness and consistency.

Autumn barley. Beautifully fragrant and floral. Summer blossom notes with hints of creamy vanilla toffee and subtle oakiness. A touch of zesty citrus in the background. Very soft and mellow with a lovely balance of oak and the trademark Glenfiddich character. Layers of sweetness and spice with hints of freshly ground pepper. Crisp, refreshing and extremely well-balanced.

Alc: 40%

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