Glengoyne 50YO 45.8% Single Malt Whisky 700ml


Glengoyne 50YO 45.8% Single Malt Whisky 700ml

This limited-edition single malt is the pinnacle of our unhurried and uncompromising approach to whisky making, as Scotland’s slowest distilled malt. After five decades of patiently maturing, this exceptional whisky has a richness and depth of aromas and flavours rarely encountered.

Glengoyne 50 Year Old comes in a special crystal decanter, which features an engraved goose emblem representing the geese who migrate to the Glen each winter. Only 150  crystal decanters have been produced, with each individually numbered. Hidden within the beautiful solid oak and gold display box is also a 25ml sample of the 50 Year Old whisky, as well as individually numbered books which are hand signed by Robbie Hughes, Glengoyne Distillery Manager.

Aroma: Rich, spicy oak burst, then molasses, treacle and liquorice take centre stage
Palate: Demerara sugar, walnuts, sweet pipe tobacco, red apples and cloves

Finish: The finish is long, going through savoury characteristics into a tingle of black pepper

Alc: 45.8%

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