Glengoyne The Legacy Series Chapter Three 2022 750ml


Glengoyne The Legacy Series Chapter Three Whisky 2022 750ml

The Glengoyne Legacy Series: Chapter Three is the story of Sir Arthur John Tedder, an Excise Officer at the distillery. Sir Tedder is said to have pioneered the distillery’s unhurried approach to whisky making, shaping the Scotch as it’s known today.

Nose: Signature Glengoyne deep sherry notes which accompany our distinctive cinnamon sticks and vanilla aromas. A very pleasing combination of mixed berry jam and apple strudel intertwine revealing some pear.
Taste: A rich luxurious body that’s satisfyingly chewy with warm boozy raisins combined with spiced buns slowly giving way to Tarte Tatin and smooth cream sherry.

Finish: Light and fruity, which deepens with hints of pineapple, dried fruits, dark chocolate and lingering spice finish are the aromatic “legacy” of this wonderful dram before you reach for the bottle and go back for more.

Alc: 48%

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