Gonzalez Byass

Gonzalez Byass Apostoles Palo Cortado 30YO VORS 375ml - Sherry


Gonzalez Byass Apostoles Palo Cortado 30YO VORS 375ml

This sherry is a blend of 87% palomino and 13% pedro ximenez. Gently pressing the palomino grapes to obtain the most yema. Following fermentation to 11-12% alcohol the wine is fortified to 18% alcohol and then enters the Palo Cortado Solera. An empty space of 100 litres is left in the casks so that the wine has a large surface area in contact with the oxygen to undergo complete oxidisation.

Nicely balances the characteristics of Palo Cortado with Pedro Ximénez. There are dark, caramelized notes and molasses with a clear smoky side, but also more mineral and tangy notes. Nice tobacco. Orange peel. Saline hints. Toffee. Roasted almonds. Also quite a lot of peppery touches. Same impressions, it’s full-bodied and off-dry, and provides plenty of spicy notes, chocolate-coated nuts, figs and toffee.

Alc: 20%

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