Graham Norton

Graham Norton Irish Gin 700ml


Graham Norton Irish Gin 700ml

A heady combination of kaffir lime and juniper leap from the glass. With a lemon twist and tonic, the citrus notes are amplified to achieve the perfect G&T balance with a beautifully crisp finish.

Graham Norton’s Own Irish Gin is small-batch distilled in West Cork, not far from Graham’s Cork home. When the weather is right and the flowers are blooming, local ingredients are foraged to round out the blend of 12 botanicals that gives Graham’s GiN its London Dry style and a flavour as distinctive as the man himself.

It all started in London in July. Invivo co-founder Tim Lightbourne was working with Graham on this year’s wine blends, then at the end of a long blending session, someone suggested a celebratory round of martinis. It was during those drinks when Graham suggested adding an Irish GiN to his range and the plan was born to create this fabulous drop.

Alc: 37.5%

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