Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier 700ml


There is one and only one Grand Marnier liqueur that stands out above all others. It is part of a centuries old tradition of great spirits. Grand Marnier is both an exceptional product – the premium Cordon Rouge liqueur- and an internationally known and highly-rated brand. The nobility of cognac and the exoticism of the bitter orange essence that make up this liqueur lend it unrivalled fragrance and flavour that are both powerful and complex. The recipe has not changed since it was created resulting in international recognition and reputation that has defied the passage of time and changing trends.

This orange flavoured cognac liqueur is bright topaz in colour and has a brilliant & luminous quality with Gold & amber hints. The Palate offers bitter orange flavours enhanced and enriched by cognac. Subtle notes of  orange marmalade, candied or macerated oranges, hazelnuts and toffee end with a harmonious and long-lasting finish.

Alc: 40%