Green Spot Château Montelena 700ml - Special Edition


Green Spot Château Montelena 700ml - Special Edition 

Green Spot Château Montelena is the second Irish whiskey in the "Wine Geese" collection after the highly successful Green Spot Château Léoville Barton.

This collection pays tribute to these workers with exceptional maturations.

Distilled 3 times in pot stills at the Midleton Distillery (Cork) from a blend of 40% malted barley (non-peated) and 60% non-malted barley. This Château Montelena Green Spot whiskey is first aged in traditional Bourbon and Sherry casks before enjoying a 12-month maturation in French oak barrels that have contained Zinfandel (Californian red wine) from the Château Montelena in the California Napa Valley.

A true celebration of Irish heritage, the collaboration between Green Spot and Château Montelena marks the meeting of two unique experiences.

The whiskey develops very rich notes during the tasting with red apple, pear and red fruit aromas with spices and complexity. Vanilla, citrus and toasty oak complete an aromatic spectrum of great quality.

ABV: 46%