Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry 1L

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Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry 1L

The world’s number one selling sherry brand! Harveys Bristol Cream is the sherry that’s been stocked in liquor cabinets for generation after generation.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that sherry is a drink for the oldies and something you’d find in your Christmas trifle. Believe it or not Harveys Bristol Cream and other premium sherry brands have become all the rage and you can even enjoy it on the rocks with a wedge or lemon or lime!

This blend of four different wines is produced in Spain but bottled in Bristol, England – a tradition that dates back over 200 years.

This product contains no dairy. According to myth a visitor to the Harveys’ cellars tried a new blend of sherry and, in comparing it to Bristol Milk, said “If that be milk, then this is cream!”

Alc: 17.5% 

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