Helbing Hamburgs Feiner Kümmel-DAS Original 700ml



Helbing Hamburgs Feiner Kümmel-DAS Original 700ml

Helbing has been based in Hamburg since the company was established in 1836. The Helbing brand holds an important place in the economic history of the city. It was founded by Johann Peter Hinrich Helbing in 1836 and continued by his son Christoph Heinrich Helbing. What began as a small company with five employees grew to become the largest spirits company in Germany in the early 1900’s.

 For more than 180 years, Helbing Hamburgs Feiner Kümmel has been produced using the original recipe – a secret to this day that was developed in 1836 by Johann Peter Hinrich Helbing, the man who founded the Helbingsche Dampfkornbrennerei distillery.
Since its invention, Helbing has been the undisputed champion among kümmel liqueurs. The finest caraway seeds from the coast of northern Germany together with the Hanseatic tradition of distilling and this unique recipe are behind this success story. Today, Helbing is associated with Hamburg just as much as the water carrier that decorates its label. That is exactly why people value the brand in local pubs or gourmet restaurants across this Hanseatic city.

Taste: Helbing Hamburg’s fine Kümmel has a distinctive, full, rounded flavour and delicate bouquet.

Country of origin: Germany

Alc: 35% 

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