Hinch Peated Single Malt 700ml


Hinch Peated Single Malt 700ml

Hinch Distillery in Ireland has created a beautiful peated flavour. It derives its name from the neighbouring town of Ballynahinch and is located on the Killaney Estate. The triple-distilled whisky has a spicy chilli flavour and a savoury smokiness to it.

This brand new triple distilled Irish whiskey is one of only a handful made with peated barley. The aroma of sweet tar and smoky woody notes builds to a strong peaty flavour, with a gristy malted barley tone and touches of liquorice. Matured and selected by the Hinch distillery in Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Tasting note

Smoked nuts and grilled meats, charred herbs and fresh fruit sweetness, with a spicy kick from the chilli.

Alc: 43% 

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