Ichiros Malt Double Distilleries 700ml


Ichiro’s Malt Double Distilleries 700ml

Double Distilleries is a blended malt (described as a pure malt) –  composed of malt whisky from Hanyu (of which, Ichiro bought much of the remaining stock when the distillery closed in 2000 – more on that over the course of this week) and Chichibu. The bottling is an NAS, and given the release date vs. the founding of Chichibu distillery, one  assumes that that the Chichibu element is very young (perhaps only around 3 years old age). The Hanyu component is similarly unspecified, but is likely to be older – though not by that much given the prices that old Hanyu stock sells for. 

Nose: Heathery honeyed sweetness is joined by basket of mixed fruits – oranges, apples and pears – part fresh and fruit tea-like, part reduced to preserves and mamalades. There are some gentle sherry notes here – chocolate and sugar-coated fruits – but the influence is overall very light. White pepper and aromatic incense spices sit with malty biscuits. In the background a faint steeliness. The addition was water muted many of the top note aromas, reducing overall definition, but adding in gentle nuttiness.

Taste: A solid arrival that delivers spice and fruit – stem ginger and slightly chilli pepper alongside peaches and oranges. Maltiness is again quite present and supported by water crackers, soils and wood bark (cedar). Lifting things is orange sherbet, honey and delicate wood – slightly oaky, but again with the more aromatic cedar. In the back palate, touches of mint and menthol. Water had a more positive effect than on the nose, heightening pepper, adding a touch of salt and bringing out some steely minerality.

Finish: Medium in length, and relatively woody – oak, tannins and baking spices.

ABV: 46%

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