Ichiro's Malt & Grain Classical Edition 700ml 48%


Ichiro's Malt & Grain Classical Edition 700ml 48%

Ichiro's Malt is a brand created in 2008 by Ichiro Akuto, founder of the Chichibu distillery and Venture Whisky, the company in charge of marketing the brand.

Ichiro Akuto, having recovered the remaining casks of Hanyu, his grandfather's distillery, has shown his imagination by proposing a very varied range from young single malts from Chichibu to blended malts from Double Distilleries or exclusive bottlings of Hanyu's single malts.

The concept of using the world’s five great whiskeys that have been further matured in the Chichibu, this new product pursues a more classical taste. The high ratio of malt and the gentle smokiness of the whiskey create a pleasant harmony in the multiple layers of aroma.

The gorgeous, weighty flavors are supported by the distinct character of each of the malts. You can enjoy the change in aroma with a long aftertaste in a variety of drinking styles.
In order to make the most of the complex flavors of the individual ingredients, we have bottled this beer in a non-chill filtered, non-colored format. Please take your time to enjoy the delicate aroma and deep flavor created by careful blending.

ABV: 48%

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