Ichiros Malt MWR Mizunara Wood Reserve 46% 700ml


Ichiro's Malt MWR Mizunara Wood Reserve 46% 700ml

A Chichibu bottling with no official indication of the origin of the single malts used; it is assumed that these use malts from Chichibu and Hanyu.
Bottled without cold filtration, this malt whisky is matured in Mizunara casks. The specific influence of this precious wood is obvious: a tasting with complex, spicy scents dominated by woody aromas.

Colour: Golden.

Nose: Dried apricots, hint of peat, liquorice, spices, green pepper.

Taste: Spicy, green pepper, fruit, baked figs, peach, liquorice.

Finish: Long lasting, fruity, slightly bitter.

ABV: 46%

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