Imagination NZ Wakame Seaweed Dry Gin 700ml


Imagination NZ Wakame Seaweed Dry Gin 700ml

Wakame arrived in NZ coastal waters on the hulls of ships and thrived on our pristine rocky coastline. We of course now know it as a delicious culinary ingredient with many positive health benefits. Imagination is stoked to be able to gather wild wakame for this gin from the coast of Wellington and Wairarapa. The initial aroma is juniper forward, fresh and sweet. When tasted you get the refreshingness of the citrus before fading to reveal the juniper from the background. A noticeable sweetness appears giving way to a sweet salt finish. A classic dry gin with a contemporary twist, transporting you to NZ's fresh and invigorating coastal waters. Great with seafood, Asian food and try it neat with a platter of smoked salmon.

Alc: 42%

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