Ink Dry Gin 700ml


Ink Dry Gin 700ml

DOUBLE GOLD Sip Awards 2021
#1 GIN Hottest 100 Gin Countdown 2021
#1 GIN Hottest 100 Gin Countdown 2019
Best Innovation in Spirits Australian Drinks Industry Awards 2016

Ink Gin is the original, patented, butterfly pea gin, and is one of Australia’s best selling and best-loved craft gins.

Ink Gin is a premium dry gin made with 13 organic botanicals, including a mix of traditional and Australian natives. Like all true gins, juniper berries are the largest botanical component, however, the defining character of Ink Gin comes from the second tier botanicals led by locally grown lemon myrtle leaf, coriander seed, Tasmanian pepper berry and freshly peeled sundried sweet orange peel.

These major ingredients give Ink Gin its fresh piney, spicy and citrusy aroma and flavour. The third group of minor botanicals include elderflower, cinnamon, cardamom, angelica root, oris root, licorice root and lemon peel. Like a pinch of salt, these minor ingredients are critical to the end result adding perfume, body and balance.

Alc: 43%

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