Islay Mist 12YO Whisky 700ml


Islay Mist 12YO Whisky 700ml

A popular blended dram that emphasises Islay’s smoky whiskies. The whisky takes its historical cue from a special blend that was first served at Lord Margadale’s 21st Birthday. This whisky calms some of the fiery smoke of the Islay malts by using grain and malt whisky from the mainland to balance the dram. This is a blend that has retained its 12 year age statement when many others have gone down the non-age-stated route, and it is all the better for it. The end result is a nicely balanced dram, with fruity, cereal and smoky notes all complimenting each other wonderfully well. A lovely daily sipper for when you don’t quite fancy the power of an Islay single malt, but still want a little smoke.

View: is characterized by transmitting an amber hue Clarita.
Nose: Luce is an aromatic body of great intensity whereas herbal aromas and bisque. Briar root and spices, a hint of pine resin is constructed.

Mouth: Medium-bodied, sweet. Islay Mist 12 Years highlighted by a mouth full of authentic flavours of sugar, caramel and barley. Luce a slight whisper of peat smoke.

Alc: 40%

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