J&B Rare Whisky 1L


J&B Rare Whisky 1 Liter

A back bar favourite blended Scotch whisky, J&B Rare has long been a go-to for whisky fans across the globe, particularly in Europe. Following the end of Prohibition in the USA, J&B Rare was created by Justerini & Brooks to appeal to the American palate, hitting shelves in 1933. The blend itself is made with a combination of 42 Scotch single malts and grains, with a generous portion of Speyside whisky at the expression's core. Perfect for use in mixed drinks and cocktails.

Nose: A medium-bodied nose with hints of walnut, toffee apples, cedarwood, orange zest and malt.
Palate: Balanced and rounded nose - lots of fruit here, with a little toffee and malt.

Finish: Medium finish with oak and cinnamon.

Alc: 40%

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