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Jack Daniels Bold & Spicy Whiskey 500ml -Travelers Edition

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Jack Daniels Bold & Spicy Straight Tennessee Rye Whiskey 500ml

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Travelers Bold & Spicy is the 2nd edition of the new, limited Travelers series from Jack Daniels. A special feature of this straight Tennessee whiskey is that the distillery bottles this delicious whiskey with a voluminous 53.5% vol. With this limited bottling, Jack honours people's desire to travel and fills this spicy whiskey into a 500 ml bottle. The Jack Daniel's Tennessee Traveler's Bold & Spicy


A spicy note with sweet hints of ripe fruit and toasted oak. Strong notes of caramel, oak and spices with a hint of vanilla. A hint of spicy rye slowly fades away.

Alc: 53.5%

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