Jules Taylor Pinot Noir 2020/21 750ml

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Jules Taylor Pinot Noir 750ml

Born in Marlborough in the year the first vines were planted, Jules has literally grown up with Sauvignon Blanc. Local girl Jules spent several years putting her viticulture and oenology postgraduate degree to use as Group Senior Winemaker for one of Marlborough’s largest wineries, and then as Consultant Winemaker to the region’s most prestigious brand.

Several life-affirming vintages in Italy underscored Jules’ love of wine as a simple pleasure to be enjoyed alongside good food and great friends. Jules strongly believes wine should be more about creating great memories and less about status or cellaring potential.

In 2001, Jules Taylor Wines emerged as a little moonlighting project with a mere 200 cases. Five years, two children and many, many late nights later, George and Jules took the nail-biting decision to put everything on the line, jack in their day jobs, and give their dream a shot. Jules left her corporate winemaking career to give her the freedom to make wines the way she thinks they should be made.

Extensive experience with Marlborough’s various vineyard flavor characters, a deep attachment to her home region along with strong personal connections to the grape growing families of Marlborough, allow Jules to source hidden pockets of outstanding fruit.

Come harvest time, you’ll find Jules relentlessly walking the rows of each vineyard, tasting berries for days on end, searching for the perfect flavor profile. Leading up to the crucial decision of when to pick to ensure optimum results, she makes the call purely by taste, not relying on results from the laboratory.

Jules and George are a picky lot. They only make one batch of each wine at harvest. So, enjoy it while you can. Once it’s gone, it’s well and truly gone.

Tasting Notes

Vibrant violet red. A lifted nose packed with aromas of plum and blackberry. Baking spices also entwine with darker earthy notes. The fruit is up-front and mouth-filling, again with blackberry and plum flavours to the fore. These berry flavours carry through to earthy tones and the wine finishes nicely with hints of spice. This is a lush Pinot Noir with the fruit providing approachability that is backed with a soft acidity and supple tannins.

Alc: 13.5%

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