Juyondai Honmaru Hiden Dama Gaeshi 1.8L 十四代 本丸 秘傳玉返特別本釀造2022

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Juyondai Honmaru Hiden Dama Gaeshi 1.8L 十四代 本丸 秘傳玉返

2022.10 Manufacture. "Honmaru" is extended as the centre of things in Japanese, showing its importance. In addition, the golden word "Yuhui" beside the bottle refers to the secret "Jade Wine Returning" technique passed down by the 14th generation. The highly distilled jade wine made of shochu is added to the brewed sake to make the taste of the wine more unique, and it also tests the brewer's skills. The rhyme is a bit spicy, and the overall feeling is very balanced.

In particular, this brewing is one of the specific names of sake. It uses rice, rice koji and brewing alcohol within the regulations. The rice is polished to at least 60% and must be marked on the label with special raw materials, brewing methods and other objective facts. Only the special brew can be marked on the wine label. It usually features special sake rice and special brewing methods. If you want to taste the same rice polishing process as Ginjo, but want to try a stronger flavour, you might as well try special brewing! It is recommended to drink in a wine glass to experience the aroma and delicate taste.

Alc: 15%

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