Kapriol Lemon and Bergamon Gin 700ml


Kapriol Lemon and Bergamon Gin 700ml

Starting from the traditional Kapriol Dry Gin recipe, the best lemons and the best bergamot from southern Italy are selected, so that the characteristic flavour of these citrus fruits is combined with the balsamic notes of the juniper of the Dolomites. A formidable combination that unites the geographically more distant realities of Italy. The botanicals are first infused in alcohol from high-quality cereals and then distilled in the historical stills of 1947, built by Antonio Padovan.

Tasting Note:

The freshest notes of lemon pleasantly strike the senses, followed by the more aromatic notes of bergamot, the taste remains pleasantly characterized by lemon.

Alc: 40.7% 


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