Karuizawa 1982 40yo Platinum Geisha 56.5% 700ml 軽井沢


Karuizawa 40YO Platinum Geisha 56.5% 700ml

Sherry Cask #1650  

Bottle #089/227 

The second of a pair of very special bottlings – the Karuizawa Platinum Geishas. While all Karuizawa Geishas are special, these are especially so, as they are the final due in the long-running series. This whisky is the older of the pair, distilled in 1982 and matured for 40 years in a sherry cask. The result is sublime, with layers of fruit, spice and elegant old oak all perfectly balanced. An appropriate ending to a legendary series of whiskies.

Alc: 56.5%

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