Kentucky Owl Wiseman Bourbon 700ml


Kentucky Owl Wiseman Bourbon 700ml

The Wiseman Bourbon is an interesting release as it features bourbon Kentucky Owl contract distils with Bardstown Bourbon Company. Their 4-year-old wheat and high-rye bourbons are then blended with 5.5 years and 8.5-year-old Kentucky-sourced bourbons. The result is a traditional-tasting bourbon that features quite a bit of spice, surprising bouts of dryness, and a general lack of excitement. It also features hints of age throughout, yet those are quickly followed by cereal grain or light ethanol. It’s a very serviceable bourbon that doesn’t do anything to offend, and kind of just is.

Caramel | Grass | Roasted peanut | Gentle rye spice | Light curry | Overall soft & airy. Toffee | Caramel | Cereal grain | Muted raspberry | Dry oak. Rye spice | Leather | Lingering light dryness | Touch of ethanol.

Alc 45.4%

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