Kisenju Aoi Sparkling Sake 200ml - Nara Toyosawa ‎豊澤酒造 貴仙寿 碧


Kisenju Aoi Sparkling 200ml

"Kisenju Ao" is a historic Nara Toyosawa Sake Brewery that was founded in the first year of the Meiji era and produces only 20,000 bottles a year. At Ristorante Canoviano Fukuoka, we will serve you in a wine glass so that you can enjoy the scent.

Kisenju Ao is a new type of sake-based sparkling with graceful and cool bubbles.

You can feel the dignified and refreshing taste and ginjo aroma in the umami of rice, and you can enjoy the soft acidity and the pleasant texture of the slight firing. The alcohol content is modest at 5%, and it has a faint citrus aroma, which goes well with refreshing dishes using lemon and sudachi. It is also recommended as an after-dinner drink with a fruit-based dessert.

Alc: 5%

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