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Koya 6YO VSOP Brandy 700ml - 张裕 可雅 VSOP


Koya 6YO VSOP Brandy 700ml - 张裕可雅VSOP白兰地

Koya Brandy VSOP 6 YO is a spirit that represents an excellent example of mastery in the art of distillation and aging, embellished with elegant and refined packaging. Distilled and bottled by the renowned Koya distillery, this brandy stands out for its six-year maturation in selected oak barrels, which gives the final product exceptional complexity and depth.

On the nose, Koya Brandy VSOP 6 YO offers intense aromas of ripe fruit, vanilla and spicy touches of cinnamon and nutmeg, deriving from the long stay in the barrels. On the palate, it is soft and balanced, with a rich range of flavors that include notes of dark chocolate, caramel and a subtle trace of smoked wood. The finish is long and persistent, with a warm aftertaste that invites another sip.

This brandy is particularly suitable for serving as a digestive after a rich meal or in combination with chocolate-based desserts or fine pastries. Presented in an elegant box, Koya Brandy VSOP 6 YO is also a precious gift idea for lovers of superior quality spirits.

The Koya Brandy VSOP 6 YO alcohol comes in a 70cl bottle, making it also ideal for special sharing on formal occasions or cultured intimate gatherings. The rich and harmonious nuances of this brandy make it an excellent choice for those who appreciate classic spirits with a touch of innovation.

Alc: 40%

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