Kubota Senjyu Junmai Ginjo 720ml 久保田 千寿純米吟醸

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Kubota Senjyu Junmai Ginjo 720ml  久保田 「千寿」純米吟醸

The mouthfeel is soft and you can enjoy a dry drink. When it is chilled, it has just the right amount of sourness and sharpness, but when it reaches room temperature, it becomes sour and leaves a lingering aftertaste of umami. You can enjoy not only refreshing dishes but also rich dishes using butter and mayonnaise. Junmai Ginjo's sake goes well not only with Japanese food but also with Western and Chinese food. Enjoy "Kubota Senju Junmai Ginjo" along with various food pairings at restaurants.

Alc: 15%

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