Kujira 20yo Japanese Whisky 700ml


Kujira 20yo Japanese Whisky 700ml 

Award List
Gold Medal (ISC 2020)
Double Gold (CWSA 2020 Best Value)
Gold Medal (76th WSWA, 2019)
2nd Place 92.2 pts (IWC 2019 Best Japanese Whisky)
Scored 93 pts ”As Excellent, Highly Recommended” (USC, 2019)

Distilled, aged and bottled in Japan, Kujira 20 Year Old is a creation of the Kumesen Shuzo distillery located in the south of Japan in the tropical archipelago of Okinawa, formerly known as the kingdom of Ryukyu.

Both whisky and awamori, the single grain rice whiskies, also called Ryukyu whiskies, represent an enriching blend of age-old know-how. Kujira is a blend of single grains aged for 20 years in Bourbon casks only, under a subtropical climate whose influence is expressed through a deep and complex tasting profile.

This complexity is fully expressed on the nose with fruity notes of plum, oak and the greed of vanilla notes. During the tasting, a multitude of fruity and dried fruit aromas enrich its aromatic palette until the rather spicy finish with notes of licorice and vanilla.

The originality of this single grain is that it is made from 100% indica long grain rice fermented with yeast like whisky and black Koji, a variety unique to the Okinawa islands, and distilled in traditional stills according to the production method inherited from awamori, the traditional spirit of the region.

Alc: 43%

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