Lagavulin Double Matured Distillers Edition 2022 700ml


 Lagavulin Double Matured Distillers Edition 2022

A limited release made usually just once a year, the Distillers Edition of Lagavulin enjoys both rarity and superior quality. The mighty Lagavulin, in which the finishing imparts sweetness and texture, plus a spiciness that binds the smoky whole and makes this a whisky apart. This one sounds particularly great as Lagavulin from Islay has a great affinity with sherry so anything that turns up the sherry volume is ok by us especially if there’s some extra char involved. Second maturation takes place in Pedro Ximenez-seasoned re-charred American Oak with heavily re-charred ends.

On the nose large helpings of peat are joined by dried fruit, raisins and some vanilla sweetness. the palate is of coastal smoke, with some salted toffee and more sherry character. On the finish oaky spices linger, along with lingering peat of course.

ABV: 43%

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