Lake Chalice The Nest Marlborough Chardonnay 2020 750ML

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Lake Chalice The Nest Marlborough Chardonnay 2020 750ML

It’s a bright, quaint and sun-kissed room. In its centre is a charming old oak table, topped with an overflowing basket of freshly harvested ripe peaches and an open jar of preserved lemons. Your host sits at the table, grinding some spices by hand with a pestle and mortar. The combination of all three ingredients vibrantly collides in the air. You join your host at the table, and they graciously offer you cut slices of peach to taste. As you bite down the ripe yellow flesh bursts in your mouth and is followed by a surprising touch of spice. Would you like to relive this moment again? This time, in a glass. Let’s open ‘The Nest’ Chardonnay

Fermented and French oaked in the tank to retain freshness and vibrancy. Malolactic fermentation was restricted, allowing the fruit to be centre stage. The resulting wine is pure yet complex with a layered fruit-driven palate.

A generous and full mid-palate from malolactic fermentation. Layers of stone fruit are interlaid with subtle oak and creamy nougat.
Cellaring: Enjoy now and over the next 5 years.

ABV: 13%

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