Lake Chalice

Lake Chalice The Nest Pinot Noir 2020 750ML


Lake Chalice Wines The Nest Pinot Noir 2020 750ML

The bustling market stalls fill the air with the aroma of ripe berries and dried fruits. The spice stall owners spruik their wears, waving vanilla pods and pouring cardamom spices theatrically onto their scales in front of your nose. All these elements combine in glorious cinematic technicolour for the taste buds. Softly textured with ripe berry fruits and dried currants set against a backdrop of warming spices. Rub this bottle of Pinot Noir three times before pouring it, and the first sip might transport you there again. No magic carpet is required.

Vinification: At our winery, the harvested grapes were held cold for five days prior to fermentation for optimal flavour extraction. During the height of primary fermentation, the juice is plunged by hand up to 8 times a day. The wine then completes final malolactic fermentation in the tank before being blended and prepared for bottling.

Palate: A fruit-forward palate of black cherry and berry fruits, with delicate savoury notes and a toasty oak finish.

Cellaring: Enjoy now or cellar for up to 3 years.

ABV: 13%

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