Lanson White Label Dry Sec Champagne 750ml


Lanson White Label Dry Sec Champagne 750ml 

Champagne Lanson White Label Dry Sec comes from a selection of the finest Crus of Champagne! Harmonious and delicate Le White Label Sec is a perfect initiation to Champagne with its balance between freshness and sweetness. On the sweetness scale for Champagnes, it falls right in the middle, not too sweet, not too dry making for a wonderful cocktail or aperitif! The White Label blend includes 50% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay, and 15% Pinot Meunier aged for 4 years. Half of the grapes come from Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards of Champagne, France, the highest quality of grapes from this region. 

Alc: 12.5%

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