Laurent Perrier

Laurent Perrier Millesime Brut Vintage 2012 Champagne 750ml


Laurent Perrier Champagne Millesime Brut 2012 750ml

Grape Varietal: Chardonnay 50% | Pinot Noir 50%

The 2012 Vintage is the choice of an exceptional year from which only a selection of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Grands Crus will enter into a future iteration of Grand Siècle. It is a rare and outstanding wine that expresses the character of the year in the Laurent-Perrier style. Laurent-Perrier very rarely makes vintages, declaring less than one out of two years compared with the market average of over three out of four years.

The wine is white gold in colour with a fine sparkle. A flowery nose of great complexity, with notes of citrus and white peaches. A wine that is very present with a lively attack and great finesse with good minerality and notes of grapefruit on the finish. The Vintage 2012 pairs well with seafood and noble fish as well as with poultry or veal. This wine sublimates hard-pressed cheeses such as a young Comté or a Beaufort.

Alc: 12%

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