Left Field

Left Field Squidcrab Pinot Gris 2022 750ml


Left Field Squidcrab Pinot Gris 2022 750ml

84% Pinot Gris and 14% Pinot Noir sourced from the Kokako Farm Vineyard in Hawkes Bay and harvested when the grapes were tasting delicious.

The juice was coerced from the fruit and fermented in vats. A portion of the grapes was fermented on their skins to extract flavour and pink colour from the Pinot Gris skins resulting in a light copper hue to the wine. A small splash of Pinot Noir Rosé was blended in to add intrigue to this unique wine.

Ripe apple and the fuller-figured pear saunter into view with lovely spice and vanilla trailing behind. They chatter in gentle, sweet tones, occasionally cutting the air with fresh, crisp laughter.

Alc: 14% 

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