Left Field

Left Field Wholeberry Pinot Noir 2023 750ml


Left Field Wholeberry Pinot Noir 2023 750ml

The fruit was selected from vineyards spanning the different sub-regions of Marlborough and picked quickly in the cool of morning for crushing at the winery. The parcels of fruit were lightly de-stemmed to open-topped fermenters, cold soaked on skin for five days extracting colour and tannin. Fermentation was largely with natural yeasts, the musts being re-submerged twice per day until completion. The young wines were drained and pressed off skins to barrel. After 10 months of maturation, the wine parcels were blended and bottled. The result is a Pinot that is lighter in style. Fruity, soft and delicious.

Juicy little minxes strawberry and cherry playfully flirt with cinnamon and allspice, finally succumbing to the rich, warm and seductive nature of a supple leather chaise lounge.

Food Pairing - Grilled and Roasted Red Meats, Grilled and Roasted White Meats, Pizza/Pasta, Casseroles/Stews.

Alc: 13% 

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