Lillet Blanc Aperitif 750ml


Lillet Blanc Aperitif 750ml

Lillet Blanc is a fruity wine aperitif from Podensac in the Bordeaux region and is named after the founders of the brothers Lillet. From 1855, this liason of wines from the Bordelais, eg made of wood bearing fruit liqueurs, herbal extracts and citrus (sweet, bitter and green oranges from Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Mexico and Haiti and Quinquines from Peru). The maturation time of 4-6 months in oak barrels, giving it Lillet Blanc an incomparable aroma. The colour is straw yellow and the taste is with delicate floral notes of honey, oranges, limes and mint tip. Full and fruity with a long finish. Lillet Blanc is if well-chilled aperitif and a delicious ingredient for the original James Bonds Casino Royale. The Vesper cocktail consists of gin, vodka and Lillet Blanc.

Alc: 17%

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