Lindores MCDXCIV Lowland Single Malt 700ml


Lindores MCDXCIV Lowland Single Malt 700ml

After a break of 523 years, the spirit is once again flowing from the copper stills at Lindores Abbey in Fife, the Spiritual Home of Scotch Whisky. With Lindores Abbey’s widely recognised links to the earliest written reference to Scotch Whisky and learning as much as they can from the great Scottish distillers around them, past and present, they are bringing a very modern whisky-making approach to this ancient site.

Both the barley and the Lindores Abbey distillery hail from the region of Fife, making this beautiful new release a Lowland Whisky. Finished in ex-bourbon, sherry and more exclusively ex-wine barrique.

Nose: Elegant, soft, mellow vanilla, caramel notes playing with orchard fruits and sweet pear drops. Reminiscent of toffee apples.
Taste: Smooth with a creamy texture and a perfect balance of mellow vanilla, dried fruits, citrus touches with a hint of spicy notes and a pleasant lingering finish.

Finish: Medium length, delicate lingering finish.

Alc: 46%

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