Little Biddy

Little Biddy Gin-Hazy Spiced Apple 40% 700ml


Little Biddy Gin-Hazy Spiced Apple 40% 700ml

A warm and familiar taste of apple pie with an unexpected depth of flavour, intertwined with the tartness of freshly picked apple, fresh ginger, and nutmeg for a rounded finish. The layers of flavour from this vibrant gin come from a depth of spice and crisp apple, combining for a pleasant mouth feel and full body introduced by naturally pressed apple juice. Each create a tantalising drinking experience that will take you on a journey through apple orchards with friends.

Serving Suggestion:

 Can be enjoyed with a quality tonic or soda water.

Drinking Tips:

This is a Hazy Cloudy Gin, settling of the natural ingredients will occur, please shake well prior to opening for maximum enjoyment.

Alc: 40% 


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