Lustau Sherry

Lustau Vermut Blanco 750ml - Spain


Lustau Vermut Blanco 750ml - Spain

Vermut Blanco is made from Fino and Moscatel sherries. Fino gives dry minerality and almond characteristics, with moscatel imparting a sweet, yet floral, citrus peel finish. The result is a light and refreshing vermouth, bright golden yellow, with a markedly bitter end. Each of the 9 botanicals (most notably chamomile and gentian) are macerated separately then combined and added to the sherry. Delicious on its own and in cocktails! Serve between 7-9oC (44-48oF) on the rocks and garnish it with a green olive. The perfect apéritif if it is accompanied with olives, nuts or any snacks.

Alc: 15%

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