Macallan M Decanter 2020 Edition 700ml


Macallan M Decanter 2020 Edition 700ml

The spirit is presented in a flawless crystal decanter. Individually numbered, it is the expert work of Lalique, doyen of French glass making since 1888. The six facets of the decanter reflect and refract light, dancing the dark whisky to life.
Their inspiration stems from The Macallan’s six defining pillars, namely, The Estate, our Curiously Small Stills, Exceptional Oak Casks, Sherry Wine, Natural Colour and Mastery. Together, they underpin the renowned quality and rich character of our whisky.

COLOUR: Rich Amber.
NOSE: Date, fig, ginger nutmeg, baked apple, butter pastry, aniseed and fudge. Antique oak, fresh tobacco and light nuttiness.
PALATE: Ginger and nutmeg dance over the tongue before giving way to a medley of sticky date, baked apple, orange oil and dark chocolate. Vanilla fudge and a rich oak flavour come through fleetingly before the wood spices return with a hint of coconut.

FINISH: Rich warming wood spices in a long lasting ginger and raisin finish.

Alc: 45%

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