Makers Mark Bourbon 1L

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One of the rising stars in the premium bourbon market, with a growing following in NZ due to its distinctive looks and exceptional quality.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon has been delivering top quality bourbon for decades. This handmade product delivers a soft, rich, creamy, full-bodied and balanced bourbon.

Every bottle is hand dipped in wax to emphasize the meticulous care that goes into each bottle.

Nose: Fruity and rich. There are lovely notes of spiced honey and mixed peels, a little malmsey, hazelnut and a touch of cut fruit with toasty oak providing a backbone.

Palate: Rich and full. There are notes of rye and spice, barley malt, a little nut oil with butterscotch and vanilla.

Finish: Quite sweet with butterscotch and dry oak spice.