Man O' War Exiled Waiheke Pinot Gris 2020 750ML

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Man O' War Exiled Waiheke Pinot Gris 2010 750ML


2019 was an exceptional vintage, bountiful crop, settled weather and practically no rain!

The 2019 Exiled Pinot gris is a true reflection of an almost perfect year in that the fruit was ripe and flavoursome but for the first time in our history there was zero incidence of botrytis, the famed fungus that creates the noble sweet wines of the world and generally makes up a large proportion of the Exiled style. Pinot gris for the Exiled comes from the St Helena clone of Pinot gris and is grown on both Waiheke and Ponui Islands. The fruit is lightly crushed and pressed then settled in tank before being racked with light solids into tank for fermentation. A mixture of un inoculated and cultured yeast ferments are used with each vineyard fermenting slowly until the desired balance of acid, tannin and sugar is reached. The wines are then chilled to below zero to stop the fermentation before blending, the blend is held at low temperatures in the cellar until bottling to retain as much of the natural carbon dioxide as possible.


The 2019 Exiled has a residual sugar of 29 grams per litre and despite a moderate acidity the very low pH gives the wine incredible focus and delineation. The flavour and aroma profile are that of fresh stone fruit, citrus and ginger spice which is further enhanced by both fruit tannins and natural carbon dioxide retained from the fermentation creating the ultimate drinking experience. The 2019 Exiled will cellar for 20 + years and will, over time flesh out to become the classic style that Exiled is known for – absolute decadence.

ABV: 12.8%

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