Margrain Martinborough Pinot Rosé 2022 750ML

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Margrain Martinborough Pinot Rosé 2022 750ML

The nose has pure fruit expression; soft, furry Golden Queen peaches, dried cranberry, red liquorice and plump watermelon imbue a salad days impression and swirl excitedly with vanilla pod, Sweet William and Evening primrose carried enticingly on a summer breeze. Hints of white chocolate, banoffee pie, freshly shucked sweet peas and the scraping from the bottom of a jar of blackberry jam rush by to finish with a fleeting whisper of pipe tobacco. The palate is an expression of pure love, like the lyrics “

The first time ever I saw your face”, it is at once beguiling and melodramatic and mirrors the dizzy dancing way you feel. Tart Omega plum and roasted red bell pepper bring the wine right en pointe as does a juxtaposition of raspberry acid drops and chewy red wine gums. The velvety feel of caramello cream and the gooey texture of marshmallows melting over an open fire portray a mouthful of deliciousness, without a bashful bone to chew on. The finish is toffee apple with a dribble of golden syrup and will have you scurrying back for more

It may not be a normal wine descriptive but the first word that came to mind as I was appraising this wine was onomatopoeia. As you will undoubtedly recall from your year 11 (that’s 5th form!) English class, this is a literary term for “A word whose pronunciation imitates the sound it describes” eg buzz or splosh. What is the relevance here you ask? This wine looks like a blooming rose, smells like a fragrant rose and tastes exactly as it smells - pure, unadulterated joy! The colour is no accident and to extract the right amount of anthocyanin from the skins, some of the Pinot Noir grapes were given 2 days maceration with pump-over before pressing, while others were worked by pigeage, the traditional foot-stomping technique, usually reserved for tourists visiting Old World wineries.

Alc: 13.1%

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