Mars IWAI TRADITION Japanese Whisky 750ml


Mars IWAI TRADITION Japanese Whisky 750ml

The Hombo family, owners of Mars Whisky, first took out a license to distil whisky in 1949, although it was not until 1960 that it started making whisky – and not in Kagoshima, but at a purpose built plant in Yamanashi. Iwai was also responsible for the design of their pot stills and is considered a pioneer in the history and development of pot still whisky in Japan. A rich gold whisky with complex, sweet honey and malt fragrances.

Nose: Mild, spiced apples, a little booze. Strangely, a little tequila aroma (whatever that would be called by someone who knows what they're talking about). Moderately smoky.

Taste: Taste is lightly peaty, some citrus, some cooked pear, vanilla. Something kind of earthy.

Alc: 40%


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