Martin Miller's Summerful Gin 700ml


Martin Miller's Summerful Gin 700ml

Martin Miller’s released their first seasonal, limited-edition gin as part of their 20th-anniversary celebrations in 2020. The variation on their award-winning Martin Miller’s Gin comes with a herbaceous twist. The original gin’s two distillation process finds another step: the third distillation sees the addition of Arctic thyme and rosemary. Both ingredients emblematic of Iceland’s short summer and the English spring countryside.

The Arctic thyme has a strong and sweet fragrance and distinctive floral and earthy notes that complement and balance out the lemony, piney aromas of rosemary. Wonderfully light and elegant, this gin works as a good base for cocktails like dry Martinis or a Southside. To complement the botanicals, turn it into a G&T with a herbal tonic, a sprig of rosemary and a wedge of grapefruit.


Slightly minty on the nose, it has a distinct aroma of juniper and some floral and citric notes. There’s a smooth sweetness and balsamic notes on the palate, which opens up to summery floral flavours of lavender, sage and mint before ending with savoury thyme and coriander. Fruity, funky and spicy, this is an adventurous gin for those who like unusual flavours.

ABV: 40% 

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